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158SD/NA  This "night sky" inlay work by Navajo artist Olson C has become a very popular theme. It is very difficult to do and this is an excellent example set in a representation of kokopelli.. You can see the night sky above the adobe buildings and there is a fire opal in the bale which to me represents a sunset, and also a star in the bale. A beautiful piece of workmanship set in sterling silver and hanging from a 22" black silk cord. Artist's price is $525.  Your price: $375                         SALE $300

 142SD   Lapis and turquoise necklace with sterling silver cones and toggle clasp.  20" long.                                                                                SOLD

1109RW  A sterling silver and vinyl bracelet with a locking clasp. The vinyl looks like leather but is much more flexible and comfortable.                                           $90            SALE $72

 124SD  sterling silver chain with 4 inches of blue glass teardrop beads, sterling silver beads and adjustable clasp.  16" long                                               SOLD

147SD   Red creek jasper necklace with sterling silver beads and leaf clasp and an agate pendant.  96" long . This is fun! you can wrap it around as many times as you want to!  A great gift for autumn or any time you wear browns or orange.     $175                                SALE $140

 151SD  Sterling silver, turquoise, and coral necklace from Nepal. Earrings, 1" in diameter, are included.  Necklace is  21" long                                                               SOLD

1102RW  A sterling silver heart shaped bracelet that hooks into the center of the heart. A great Valentine's or sweetheart gift.                                                 $55                SALE $44

 146SD   Turquoise necklace with sterling silver beads and sterling silver clasp with a Kingman turquoise and sterling silver pendant signed by Scott Skeets, Navajo.   21" long                                                                                                                              SOLD

 116SD   Malachite and onyx necklace with sterling silver barrel beads and  sterling silver spring clasp.  20" long                                                   SOLD

 115SD   Sterling silver diamond cut chain with an amber and sterling silver pendant.  18" long.      The dark spot on the amber pendant is from the depth of the stone at that spot and not an inclusion.                                                                             $100         SALE $80

 Sterling silver italian popcorn necklace with Sterling silver tourmaline pendant.   18" long                                                                                 SOLD                       

Tourmaline is a beautiful stone; it's color changes depending on the way the light hits it. This can be a beautiful blue!

1126RW A sterling silver cuff bracelet with a double woven band motif. 1" wide    $156                                                                                                                               SALE $125

1162RW  A beautiful sterling silver and amber bracelet; six oval matching pieces of amber linked by sterling tapered bars. 7 1/2" long with a lobster clasp.          SOLD

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