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    Soulskin Designs            Jewelry with Soul

175SD  A delicate sterling silver chain with amethyst and sterling beads hanging from it in a random pattern. I just liked the way it looked not being symmetrical!                20" long

                                                                                              $75             SALE  $60                 


155SD  A jasper necklace with silver beads and and African green opal pendant, sterling silver toggle clasp. 22"  long.                                                                            $75    SALE $60

156SD  A jasper necklace with silver beads and a sterling silver toggle clasp. 30" long

                                                                                                    $50          SALE $40

157SD  A jasper necklace with a sterling silver toggle clasp. 36" long.             $30 SALE $24

170SD All are made to be worn together or separately. If bought as a set the price is reduced to $125                                                                                                 SALE $100

  131SD/NA  Tritone sterling silver necklace with sterling silver amber pendant signed by Scott Skeets, Navajo.    17" long                                                    $165                  SALE $132

 Amber is becoming very expensive due to Russia's shenanigans. This pendant will appreciate in price. Amber is fossilized tree resin millions of years old. It glows like honey in the sun. It compliments earth tones in your wardrobe. It should be kept away from chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners.

110SD   Agate, pearl, and multifaceted  onyx necklace with a  sterling silver magnetic clasp.

   26" Long.                                           SOLD                     


Both natural and synthetic pearls are often bleached to improve appearance. Avoid chemical, cosmetic and jewelry cleaners. Avoid perfume, hairspray, abrasives, solvents and nail polish remover when wearing them. They can dry and crack in arid conditions.



167SD A sterling silver double loop bracelet with hook clasp. It measures 8" but I can adjust to size if desired.                                                                      $32                    SALE $25

118SD  Agate and goldstone necklace with sterling silver barrel beads and toggle clasp, Silver filled spacers and a sterling silver carnelian pendant.            19" long                                                                                                                 $195                                               SALE $156

Goldstone is a manmade stone. It was discovered accidently but it sparkles with tiny gold colored flecks. 

113SD  Silver filled chain with aquamarine beads and sterling silver aquamarine pendant. 20" long.          $145                                                                            SALE $116


Legend has it that Neptune gave aquamarine to the mermaids and from then on, it brought love to all who have owned it!  It is thought to have a soothing influence. How romantic!!  Hint, hint guys.                                                                                       

1106RW Solid sterling silver "wave" cuff bracelet. Very graceful and not heavy.          Sold

103SD  Turquoise, coral and onyx necklace, Sterling silver cones and clasp, with a sterling silver and Sonora Sunrise Cuprite pendant,  20" long.               $125          SALE $100


Coral is an organic gemstone from the sea and was believed to bestow wisdom, protect from evil, heal wounds and calm the soul. or so says the American gem trade association.  But hey, try it out but keep it away from  chemicals and solvents!

1105RW  Sterling silver cuff bracelet, a silver frame with multiple silver strands and multi sized beads that move along the strands.                                             $150          SALE $120

135SD  Turquoise necklace with sterling silver beads and multicolored Hill Tribe beads from the mountain people in Thailand. The necklace has sterling silver caps and a sterling silver hook clasp.  24"   long.                                                        $350                    SALE $280

An unusual 6 strand bracelet of sterling silver, cuff style, twisted at the ends and with sterling beads interspersed along the strands. A real eye catcher! Lightweight and comfortable to wear.                                                                                                   SOLD

SD   A sterling silver two sided chain, relatively shiney on one side and a more pronounced pattern on the other. It lays smoothly around the neck. 16" long with a lobster clasp.                                                                                                                   SOLD

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