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1160RW  A  beautiful piece of cherry amber set in sterling silver like it's hanging from the stem. I could not get the light behind this to show the color but it's like looking through a glass of merlot.  Very pretty! Only 1 1/2 " long.                                           $22                   SALE $18

1132RW  A crazy lace agate pendant set in sterling silver with muted tones of maroon, gray, white, pink and taupe. Every crazy lace pattern is different.   2" long     $39     SALE $31

1129RW A very dainty malachite and sterling silver pendant with incredible detailing in the setting. Only 1 3/8" long.                                                                                          SOLD

1125RW  A small sterling silver oxidized cross with olive branches and a dove in the center. 2" long                                                                $40                              SALE $32

1137RW  This astrophilite druzy pendant is set in sterling silver. It sparkles with shakes of brown, gray, copper and gold any way that you turn it. Very unusual piece. 2 1/2" long     $200                                                                                                        SALE $160                          

1133RW  Sterling silver crazy lace agate pendant. Lovely intricate pattern in shades of mauve,gray, white and pink,  2 1/2" long                       $60                  SALE $48

NA127  A graceful sterling silver pendant with a fabulous piece of round larimar centering it. This piece is handmade by Navajo artist Scott Skeets. 2 1/4" long       $95              SALE $76

1135RW  A crazy lace agate pendant set in sterling silver. This one has shades of gray, blue gray, white and a little bit of taupe. Intriging pattern. It would look lovely hanging from one of our silver chains!                                                                                                $57        SALE $46

1134RW  Larimar from the Caribbean!  This one has three stones all  dreamy shades of blue. It is set in a symmetrical sterling silver setting that sets off the stones beautifully. It is a bit under 2" long.                                                                 $72                                   SALE $58

1120RW  A crazy lace agate pendant set in sterling silver with a fancy tree-like silver ornamentation on the back. Very unusual. This piece has shades of mauve, maroon, pink, white and gray. It measures 2 3/8" long.                      $92                         SALE$74

1128RW  A precious larimar pendant set in sterling silver with a sweep of CZs echoing the sweep of the bale. This elegant piece is only 1" long. Very dainty.        $65                    SALE $52

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