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I have added this new catagory because I have had a number of requests by people who wear silver collars and just like to change out the pendants. This is very practical and easy for those who have difficulty with small clasps.

 NA134  Charolite pendant signed by Navajo artist Augestine Largo.  Elaborate sterling silver setting with traditional Native symbols. Charoite was discovered in Russia in 1978 and named for the Charo River near where it was found. So this stone will only be found in contemporary pieces. The purple color in this stone is breaktakingly beautiful. Including the bale, it is 2 5/8" long.                                                                                        $195                     SALE $156

NA127  A beautiful sterling silver larimar pendant handmade by Navajo artist Scott Skeets. Larimar is a rare stone found only in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. This pendant measures 2" from bale to the tip.                                 $95                          SALE $76

1121RW  A large teardrop shape eudyalite pendant, rich with sparkling shades of purple/red and green. Set in sterling silver, it has an elaborate design on the back of sterling silver resembling  a tree. It is as pretty on the back as on the front. It is 2 1/2" long and 1 1/4" wide.                                                                     $130                                                          SALE $104

1136RW I just could not pass up this very elaborate sterling silver setting on this cabochon of carnelian. The carnelian looks like liquid blood orange honey if there were such a thing. It measures 2" long. The workmanship on this piece is exquisite.                                                                                               $99                                                   SALE $79

NA128 A triangular boulder turquoise set in an elaborate handmade sterling silver setting by Navajo artist Scott Skeets. It is 2" long and 1 3/8" wide.      $99               SALE $79

1161RW   An oblong amber pendant set in sterling silver. The amber has some occulsions in it not identifiable as an insect. 1 1/2" long                                                 SOLD

1124RW  Sterling silver Celtic design cross pendant. 1 5/8"long                          SOLD

1131RW A lovely blue green labradorite pendant that looks like a drop of rain hanging from a leaf. Above it is a small amethyst. All is set in sterling silver.    1 1/4" long       $42       SALE $34

1130RW  A malachite pendant set in sterling silver. Elegant in its simplicity. 1 1/2" long

                                                                       $55                        SALE $44

NA135  A spiny oyster pendant set in sterling silver handmade by Navajo artist Steve Francisco

1 5/8" long                                                              $62                                      SALE $50

1166RW  A charming tiger eye pendant set in sterling silver. This stone has stunning sheen to it as you turn it to the light. The picture does not do it justice. You cannot see the sheen. 1 7/8" long                                                             $69                                       SALE $55

1119RW  A pendant by designer Ed Lohman in onyx, tiger eye, opal, and agate, set in sterling silver. It is a total of 3" long from bale to the bottom. The inlay is exquiste!                    SOLD

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