Soulskin Designs Jewelry with Soul
    Soulskin Designs            Jewelry with Soul

NA105   A sterling silver and coral needlepoint squashblossom necklace with pierced earrings to match. 22" long necklace.  This is delicate for a squashblossom variety.   SOLD

 NA111   A sterling silver and 12k gold filled feather necklace and earrings by Melvin Vandeve,     Navajo.          Necklace is 22' long. earrings are 1.5 " long.         $400               SALE $ 320

 NA115   Sterling silver cuff bracelet with inlaid malachite by artist Francelita Yazzie. bracelet is  2.25" by 1.5"                                                             $90                     SALE $72

 NA107   A precious child's necklace in the traditional squashblossom fashion. It is sterling silver and turquoise and signed by Larry Curley.  The tiny silver tag on the back of the central blossom is his  signature. 16" long.                          SOLD

 NA118   A sterling silver cuff bracelet inlaid with spiny oyster made by artist Martha Francisco.                    measures 2.25"  by 1.5".                                                                                                                                                                                           $100                       SALE $80

  N116 A sterling silver and 12K gold onlay cuff bracelet by Thomas Begay, Navajo. 2.25 "by 1.75" .                                                                                                                                                                                                                   $95                                SALE $76

 NA117   A sterling silver and 12k gold onlay cuff bracelet by Navajo artist Thomas Begay. It measures 2.25" by 1.75"                                   SOLD

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