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 NA101   A lapis, turquoise, spiny oyster, tiger eye, agate and sterling silver necklace from renowned Navajo artist Tommy Singer. It features his distinctive navajo  beads.  29" long     SOLD


  NA102   A red coral necklace with spiny oyster, onyx, lapis, turquoise and sterling silver beads and clasp by renowned Navajo artist Tommy Singer. It features his distinctive Navajo  beads.      21" long                                                                                                                                                                                                             $300                     SALE $240

NA 103   Sterling silver and red coral earrings.                 SOLD


My husband bought this cast iron hand for me in a Leadville, Colorado antique shop while I admit I was at the local distillery sampling the moonshine! You haven't had a Brown Betty until you have had one there!! It would knock  you right off your tractor stool. Unfortunately, I heard they have since closed.

NA114  A turquoise and spiny oyster necklace with turquoise end caps.  20" long                                                                                                 SOLD

 NA110   a reversible squashblossom necklace with turquoise on one side and white buffalo on the other.  Matching earrings are reversible also and part of the set. All is sterling silver.  the artist is Ben James, Navajo.  24" long. Look below for reverse side photos of the necklace and earrings     $625                                                                               Sale $500

This is so unusual; I have never seen a reversible squashblossom necklace. The artist's price on this set is $1750.00

NA110 White buffalo is sometimes referred to as buffalo turquoise. It is actually opalized calcite with quartz with  black chert. The black chert shows up in one of the "petals" of the blossom in one earring.

 NA120   These sterling silver beads are called "Navajo pearls". Each is hand made and therefore highly prized. They are shiney in the middle and darker toward the ends giving them a unique look. This necklace is 18" long. This is strong enough to slip a pendant onto.   




NA121   This necklace of sterling silver "navajo pearls" is 24" long. Each is handmade of sterling silver. It is sturdy enough to hang a pendant from. A beautiful example of these unique beads.                                                                                                               SOLD

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