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1116RW A stunning sterling silver necklace with sequential links of 6 ovals creating an enlarged diamond cut effect. 36" long and 1/4" wide with a toggle clasp.       $175          SALE $140

1143RW  This sterling silver woven rope necklace is 24" long and 1/8" wide. It is very smooth and non-kinking with a lobster clasp. A beautiful necklace to hang one of our pendants on!                                                                                             $69                                    SALE $55

1139RW  This sterling silver double diamond cut necklace is 24" long and 3/8" wide, heavy enough to hand a pendant on. Lobster clasp.              $98              SALE $78                             

1117RW  This sterling silver necklace has round loops and they are double two ways. It is 36" long and a bit wider than 1/4". It has toggle clasp. I have no idea why I priced this so cheap! It has a bracelet to match.  (1118RW)                                 $185                               SALE $148

1141RW  A sparkly sterling silver diamond cut 30" chain with a sterling lobster clasp.           SOLD

1153RW A sterling silver tricolor plaited chain. It is 20" long and lays smoothly around the neck.


1140RW  A heavy sterling silver double diamond cut chain with a lobster clasp. It's 24" long and 3/8" wide.                                                          $98                                   SALE $78

1148RW  A sterling silver woven rope 30" necklace; 1/8" wide. A sterling lobster clasp.         $50                                                                                                                     SALE $40

1147RW A sterling silver box necklace, 30" long with a lobster clasp. This is rather masculine looking and I think a man would be comfortable wearing it.           $ 27                   SALE $22

1151RW  A intricate sterling silver necklace with incredible detail. It is 30" long with a lobster clasp. This one is very feminine.                  $90                                          SALE $72

1142RW  A medium heavy sterling silver woven rope chain, 24" long with a lobster clasp. Wear alone or pair with a pendant or other chain.                      $75                                   SALE $60

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