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    My formative years as a girl were spent in the beautiful Adirondacks of upstate New York. The incredible peace and natural beauty there inspired me, especially in the autumn when the vividly colored leaves lay on the ground like jewels: scarlet, yellow, orange and emerald green, each with a tiny patch of snow nestled in it. When I would climb to the top of a mountain, I could see the colors rolling over the landscape for miles. I always felt that I could see God just around the next turn in the trail. And I often did.


Natural beauty became an integral part of what sustained and fed me. As a child I expressed that through drawing, painting, dancing and needlework. We also lived close to a Mohawk Indian Reservation, a tribe of the Iroquois Nation. This led me to research Native American tribes and to study them at University. I am an aesthete and I express that love now by designing my own jewelry and incorporating the inestimable talent of Native Americans into some of my inventory. Many of the Native American pieces are signed by the artist.

    My own creations vary in style and complexity, texture,materials and price to give you many options to choose from. I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoy making it!


Many of the background pictures were taken in the Great Smoky Mountains close to the North Carolina Border. It is one of  my  very favorite places in the world: Rock Creek Park near Erwin, Tennessee. 

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