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SALE!! 20% OFF

wELCOME TO soulskin JEWELRY designs 

Hello everyone!!   Just wanted to let you know that everything on the site is on SALE 20% OFF!!!  I marked everything down for the holidays and for Valentines and now for mother's day and have been too busy to mark it back up. Take advantage of my busy schedule and buy yourself or a loved one a treasure.

See you online! Leave me comments and I'll be happy to respond. Enjoy!

Soulskin Designs was founded a few years ago when I had an opportunity to go to the Tucson Gem Show. I love beautiful jewelry and enjoy creating it; seeing how many different ways I can put sterling silver and semi-precious stones together. I don't do anything the same way twice.


I like chunky turquoise or crystal pieces as well as delicate chains and exquiste beads. I love putting Native American pieces together in my own designs. And you will also find many Native American pieces made by Navajo and Zuni artists; well known ones such as Tommy Singer and Calvin Begay with their very distinctive styles. Just look under the Native American heading in the sidebar to find them.


I work with turquoise, coral, agate, crystal, amber, garnet, jasper, onyx, malachite, aquamarine, larimar, jade, lapis,etc. I also include less well known stones such as tourmaline, cuprite, rhodochrosite, chrysoprase, spiny oyster (a shell), citrine, seraphinite, etc. So you can see there is a lot of variety to choose from! This is a good place to shop for gifts or just for yourself because you know best what suits your taste! Click on jewelry catalog above and then on the page links to expand the menu.


Have fun shopping with us!






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